NHL 07 Puck Drops and Power Plays In The Virtual Rink


Ah, the Skill Stick, the most innovative addition to video game hockey since the inclusion of the one-timer in the NHL 94. think about it: if you score a goal now, it’s not a boxing animation that has the puck in the net, it’s your ability with the bat. By manipulating the right analog stick, you can make circles around your opponents, take off the pants of a guard and perform the shot. Say goodbye to those face buttons as NHL 07 opts for a completely redesigned control system that takes full advantage of the two Sticks and the four shoulder buttons of the Xbox 360 controller. While the Skill Stick, the stunning graphics – even on a standard TV – and the robust Dynasty mode are reason enough to send hockey fans to their nearest game store, NHL 07 unfortunately suffers from a number of new and old problems for the series that prevent the game from really being in the spotlight.

First, NHL 07 has a steep learning curve. Every hockey game before EA’s last game traditionally used face buttons to switch, hit, check and change players – this is not the matter with NHL 07. Instead, these functions are displayed on the right analog stick and four shoulder buttons. For example, the pass is now delegated to the right trigger, replacing the speed increase that has been leaved in favor of individual player statistics. The better the statistics, the faster the player. The Poke Check, on the other hand, which inflicts more recall penalties than successful turns, is now activated by pressing the right bumper, with shooting, Deking and checking the Residence with the right analog stick.

It’s like learning to write with your left hand after years of writing with your right hand – it’s embarrassing – and during the first games, of course, the fingers will look at the pimples on your face more often than often. However, those of you who simply cannot accept the new layout can breathe a sigh of relief; EA had the foresight to include the possibility of playing the game with the classic controls. Personally, I prefer a combination of the two types of controls, with the analog stick for Deking and regular shots, and the face buttons for changing speeds, checking and taking wrist shots– wrist shots with the analog stick require turning the bat as much as a top cut on the night of the action, which can be difficult to do without the analog stick

So what’s the deal with the ability to stay anyway? Essentially, the good analogue is now acting as your hockey stick. When you push the stick in different directions, different actions are performed. In strike, by moving the bat to the left or right, the bat moves in that direction. If you want to take the photo, just press the front or back, then the front to slide. It opens up a whole new level of freedom on the ice, and best of all, every goal scored is a deserved goal. Don’t rely on boxing animations anymore – the EA Skill bar gives you more control over your player than ever before. So if you manage to sneak past the defenses and find the ice open, there is nothing more satisfying than bypassing the guard and throwing him on the top Shelf. What about single players-the preferred scoring method since they started in ’94? Well, they are back, but not as effective as before.

You see, NHL 07 is an extremely sloppy hockey game, even after a few dozen games. Where, as in previous years, you clung to the designated receiver when passing the puck, this is simply not the matter in the NHL 07. You need to carefully aim at the puck, pass it, and then quickly move on to the next player to collect it. If you don’t, the chances of connecting the passport are slim and often lead to crucial twists and turns, not to mention dozens of frosty calls. In other words, those of you who relied on individual players in the past might have a little trouble getting the puck in the net early.

To make matters worse, the AI of your opponents in 07 sometimes resembles God in its capabilities. It’s like playing against five Ovechkins at once. Controlled players can get up faster than they can hook the loose puck, they make perfect passes and, like most EA NHL games before, perform miracle plays in the last minutes of the third period to win the game or push it into overtime.

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