Championship Manager 2007 Mastering The Virtual Soccer Arena


With football managers completely dominated in the football management genre, I don’t envy championship managers at all. They compete with a refined and almost perfected title with a relatively new game. Besides, people expect greatness from the game, because that’s the name we all grew up with. Championship Manager 2007 is Eidos’ last attempt, but it’s not quite over yet.

The first impression is very important, and CM 2007 does not like in this regard. It’s not a nice game, even by the standards of sim card management. The presentation of the matches is good, but the interface is so boring that it’s almost depressing. I don’t want to offend the development team too much, but it really looks like a few people could strike in a week. Sure, the game has a lot more to offer than the graphics, but if your rival looks so elegant, this is not a good start to look shabby.
Veterans of the football manager will have a hard time adapting to the mode of operation of CM 2007. Simple things like selecting your team feel unnecessarily cumbersome, and navigating through the menus feels like learning a new operating system – which isn’t as good as the one you’ve been using for years. Things like swapping players on the team screen and not on the tactical screen make it really difficult to see your team, and when managing an unfamiliar team, you don’t have to use name recognition.

Messages and other information are transmitted through a messaging system, and this is the first area where the game feels a little light-hearted compared to Football Manager. FM 2007 allows you to interact with players and managers in a way that makes sense to you and at least makes you think that you have a real impact on the performance of your team. Even small things, like the ability to choose what happens to issued or sick players, make the game much more immersive.
CM 2007 just does not have the same level of immersion. You can interact with your players and give them team talks, but over the course of each season you feel more like an assistant coach than a manager. The club’s benefactor option adds a dose of realism to the procedure and gives you a bundle of money to spend, but FM 2007 wipes the floor with CM 2007 when it comes to day-to-day management tasks. In some areas, such as the excellent player comparison, CM 2007 is a leader, but there are only a few of these areas.A few Negroes won’t help either. Contract negotiations are often ruined because the player cannot offer the contract period he requested. The young Lionel Messi wanted to join the powerful Spurs team, but when I could not offer him a contract until 2015, the deal fell out of hand. As well as its buyback clause fees in Barcelona, the transfer system is full of little quirks like these. Recently I bought Carrick from Manchester United

All these problems could be forgiven if the match engine were realistic, but it suffers from far too many improbable outcomes. If you are third in the standings and a team plays a place above it, you should never end up with a 7: 1 victory–so such a game simply would not develop. When everything is fine in the Football Manager, they feel comfortable because everything seems to be fine; they never have the same feeling when they play CM 2007 – it’s way too unpredictable.

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