Battlefield 2142 Warfare In The 22nd Century


I have to make a sad confession about all Battlefield games: I am terrible with them. The strange thing is that even though my stubborn failure is as intimidating as being hit by a gunshot over and over again while someone shouts “You’re a useless Devlin”, I keep coming back for more. If I wanted a Humiliation practice, maybe I should have joined the real army. Again, with my Battlefield 2142 stats, it’s probably best that I don’t use anything more peril than a two-button mouse.
The recent installment in the famous online multiplayer series transports the Action to the future, where a second ice age has devastated the earth. Well, The European Union (God help us!) and the newly created pan-Asian coalition must take steps to take control of the last resources on the planet. Fortunately, Sergeant (well, Soldier) Devlin is there to save the situation or at least eliminate some enemies from afar and behind a solid wall. The truth is that Battlefield 2142 once again follows developer DICE’s Philosophy that one man cannot win the debate, which makes it especially difficult for nOObs to look for a quick cure for their itchy fingers. The real glory in the game comes from a team and do your part to help the team win, while going it alone too often leads to a quick and humiliating process.
Obviously, the futuristic setting is aimed directly at the lucrative Halo market, but this game is a very different beast from Bungie’s masterpiece. My finely honed FPS skills that allowed me to stand out online with Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament 2004 don’t help me much when I’m on the frontline of Battlefield 2142. Instead, mastering an arsenal of weapons, the ability to control a ship under enemy fire and the ability to follow orders are the only real keys to success. By climbing the military ranks, finishing enemies and keeping key points on the map, you will have access to more weapons and tools, while an enthusiastic approach to the game will only give you a return home in a wooden box. In short, Battlefield 2142 strongly adheres to the Battlefield 2 debate-torn Gameplay model, for better or for worse.There are 10 sprawling new maps to master (most of them in icy landscapes or empty cities), new weapons (EMP grenades are a great way to annoy enemies by temporarily turning off their electronic devices) and futuristic vehicles to drive and steal (giant Mech robbers are particularly impressive), but in the end, the same goes for the graphics and Audio, which, although they remain impressive on a decent platform, are not a big leap compared to those of Battlefield 2. Unfortunately, there is still no widescreen support – which means that the images can be overwritten and stretched on something other than a standard monitor. Instead, the main window for players is a new game mode that can be tried alongside the Standard capture missions. Titan mode challenges teams to defeat a huge flying warship piloted by the enemy commander. When players take control of the scattered projectile silos, they must first transport the Titan’s shields to the reactor core before deployment and detonate it from the inside. Although the biggest 64-player games seem to suffer a little from the delay, the new game mode has been very well received by the legions of Battlefield Fans online. The games are long, strategically difficult and always end with an exciting and dramatic climax.

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